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SAN HOLDINGS is dedicated to conducting business operations that help solve environmental and social issues and achieve a sustainable society./ Satoshi Harishima President and Representative Director

The SAN HOLDINGS Group's funeral business and end-of-life support business contribute to solving social issues in Japan involving aging. Business activities help seniors enjoy their final stages of life as life expectancies continue to increase, enabling many people to live to age 100.

We announced our New 10-Year Vision on May 12, 2022. The vision defines the significance of the group's existence and the group's roles in society. The vision states that the group's purpose is to become a dependable end-of-life partner by moving even closer to the senior generation and their family members.

The need for activities worldwide involving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is increasing year after year to deal with climate change and other issues. Companies including the SAN HOLDINGS Group must be part of these activities too. For many years, we have been contributing to society through our grief care and other support for families following a death, recovery activities following natural disasters, and other activities. We remain firmly committed to using our business operations for playing a role in dealing with problems involving the environment and society.

Solar panels on newly constructed funeral halls are one example of our environmental initiatives. In addition, we will continue to invest in facilities to reduce the use of energy for our business operations.

The main goal of the medium-term management plan that started in the fiscal year ending in March 2023 is building an even more powerful foundation for business operations. ESG (environment, society, governance) management is a key element of this goal. We are placing emphasis on building an infrastructure for our business operations that can help achieve the SDGs and complies with the revised Corporate Governance Code.

Guided by our group's philosophy of being a partner for making people's lives even more fulfilling and enjoyable, we are determined to contribute to creating a sustainable society by retaining a strong commitment to ESG programs and making meaningful contributions to achieving the SDGs.

Satoshi Harishima
President and Representative Director