Policy / Framework


The SAN HOLDINGS Group is dedicated to constant growth while making significant contributions to the creation of a sustainable society. By using activities based on the group’s mission, vision and values, we will create new value involving end-of-life total support services and use many initiatives that target issues (SDGs, etc.) concerning the environment, society and governance.

ESG Responsible Behavior Guidelines

  1. Business activities that achieve sound growth
    We are determined to fulfill our social obligations to all stakeholders by adapting rapidly and accurately to changes in the business climate and maintaining a base capable of sound growth. We will continue to reinforce the infrastructure for our group as we continue upgrading our corporate governance and system of internal controls.
  2. Compliance with laws and regulations
    We have training programs and other educational activities for employees to increase their understanding of and commitment to compliance based on compliance with laws and regulations concerning the environment, society and corporate governance.
  3. Environmentally responsible business operations
    To help achieve a carbon-free society, we are making investments for raising the energy efficiency of our vehicles, buildings and other assets. In addition, we have reduce-reuse-recycle programs for lowering the use of water, the amount of waste materials we produce and other progress for achieving a recycling society.
  4. Use funeral halls for community and regional contributions
    For activities that reflect these guidelines, we have programs for making our funeral halls an integral part of the communities and regions where they are located.
  5. Increase customer satisfaction
    Our services need to reflect changes in society and our customers' needs as well as significant changes in how people say farewell following a death. We will retain what should remain the same and make changes where they are warranted. The creation of new value by constantly taking on new challenges is our goal. Furthermore, we are evolving and advancing to become an organization encompassing funerals and many other activities in order to provide total support for the final stage of life. Through these activities, we want to achieve even greater customer satisfaction.
  6. Increase employee satisfaction
    We want the greatest possible satisfaction among our employees by fostering a corporate culture that encourages our people to do their jobs with passion and a strong sense of initiative while respecting each other and placing emphasis on teamwork.
  7. Disclosure of ESG information
    We announce goals concerning ESG and monitor ESG activities on a regular basis. Furthermore, we post information about the results of these activities on our website and use other channels to make this information accessible to all stakeholders.

Framework for ESG activities

The ESG Committee discusses and makes decisions about policies and action plans and other matters involving ESG. The committee is chaired by an executive officer responsible for ESG, who is appointed by the company president, and the chairperson selects the other committee members.

Reports on the discussions of the ESG Committee are submitted regularly to the board of directors and actions are taken with all associated departments in order to incorporate these activities into business operations.

Figure: Framework for ESG activities