We have a strong commitment to contributing to accomplishing the SDGs and creating a sustainable society.

The SAN HOLDINGS Group is dedicated to fulfilling its obligation to society for protecting the environment. Numerous programs are conducted continuously for progress concerning many environmental issues.

Environmental policy

Activities for protecting the environment are one of the highest priorities of the SAN HOLDINGS Group. We are aware of the effects on the environment of funeral services, Buddhist memorial services and other services at our facilities and are constantly working on improvements and the prevention of pollution.

Business activities of the SAN HOLDINGS Group comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as with other environmental guidelines to which we have agreed.

We have established environmental targets concerning the impact of our business operations on the environment and have environmental management programs. The purpose is to conserve energy, combat global warming and use natural resources responsibly.

We use education programs to reinforce the awareness of environmental issues of everyone at the SAN HOLDINGS Group. We also disclose information about our environmental policy and activities for protecting the environment.

Everyone at the SAN HOLDINGS Group has an understanding of our environmental policy and we provide information to give the public an understanding of this policy too.

April 1, 2019
Satoshi Harishima
President and Representative Director

Environmental activities

Use of environmentally responsible products

Use of environmentally responsible products

Cardboard caskets can be used at funeral services.

Most caskets are made of wood and have metal fixtures. Cardboard caskets have no metal fixtures and emit only a small amount of harmful substances during cremation. We offer these caskets as an option for reducing the impact on the environment.

Use of materials/packaging that can be recycled

Use of materials/packaging that can be recycled

We are shifting many types of materials and packaging materials to products that can be recycled.

Bags used for items taken home by guests at funerals and other services are being replaced with products made of materials that can be recycled.

More hybrid vehicles (hearses, company cars)

More hybrid vehicles (hearses, company cars)

We are replacing hearses with hybrid vehicles and plan to install equipment to generate energy. We also plan to make hybrid vehicles a larger share of our fleet of other vehicles for business use.